Begin Taking Sustainable Action with these 3 Ted Talks

Begin Taking Sustainable Action with these 3 Ted Talks
November 12, 2017 Fred Berger
In Sustainability

Begin Taking Sustainable Action with these 3 Ted Talks


Wondering how you can take inspired action towards sustainability? In these Ted talks, inventors and visionaries share their solutions for a greener future; they might be just what you’re ready to hear.


  1. Magical Houses, Made of Bamboo

Creating beautiful homes from the power of sustainable materials, Elora Hardy designs and builds bamboo homes on the island of Bali. These incredible homes are not just nice to look at, they are also built with sustainability in mind. Elora shares how beneficial bamboo is as a material. Could this be the future of construction?


  1. What’s Wrong with What We Eat?

New York Times bestselling food writer, Mark Bittman explains what’s wrong with not only what we are eating, but the way we eat it, and how it is putting our planet at risk. He explains how our eating habits (too much meat, not enough plants, junk food etc) are not only killing us, but our environment too.



  1. A Vision for Sustainable Restaurants

Chef, Arthur Potts-Dawson shares his personal vision for reducing waste, and proves how it can be done in a restaurant setting. We all have a rough idea of how much waste is produced in a restaurant, but Arthur demonstrates that if we take responsibility for not only what we eat, but how we shop and dispose of it, then we can drastically reduce our footprint.


Have these videos inspired an idea of your own to become sustainable? Creating a sustainable lifestyle takes experimenting, education and most of all commitment, however the end result is always well worth it, for you, your community and your global neighbours.

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