Recycling and Waste Bin News

  • Jun052018

    World Environment Day – Beat Plastic Pollution!

    Happy World Environment Day! Every year on June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day which is a global…

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  • Jul192018

    Plastic Free July in Schools

    This month we are supporting Plastic Free July, which is focussed on reducing the amount of single use…

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  • Jul102018

    Ground Coffee As The New Foundation For Roads

    Coffee. Is there anything that this magical juice cannot do? In recent research developments conducted by Professor Arul…

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  • Jul042018

    Plastic Free July – ‘Choose to Refuse’

    This month we are supporting Plastic Free July, which is a fantastic initiative to encourage everyone to be…

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  • Jun272018

    Tips to help your office this EOFY

    Simple ideas to help you sail into the EOFY As we head into the final days of this…

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  • Jun152018

    World Sea Turtle Day

    On June 16 we celebrate World Sea Turtle Day. Sea Turtles are magnificent reptiles that have lived on…

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  • Jun122018

    Amazing EOFY deal on our Soft Plastic FLIP Bin

    We’re flippin’ out about this EOFY deal! Can you believe that we’re already half way through the year…

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  • Jun012018

    Give Your Coffee Pods Another Life

    Ah coffee. The magical juice that we rely on for alertness, productivity and many other situations throughout the…

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  • May252018

    Tips To Eco Clean Your Home And Office

    Using chemical-laden cleaning products in the office and your home can be harmful to the environment and harmful…

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  • Apr042018


    The things that we learn when we’re in school tend to stay with us throughout the duration of…

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