• Jul102018

    Ground Coffee As The New Foundation For Roads

    Coffee. Is there anything that this magical juice cannot do? In recent research developments conducted by Professor Arul Arulrajah from…

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  • Jun052018

    World Environment Day – Beat Plastic Pollution!

    Happy World Environment Day! Every year on June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day which is a global environmental awareness…

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  • May152016

    Australian Food Expiry Dates: Should You Take Them Seriously?

    Here’s a quick test of your knowledge of Australian food expiry dates. It will show whether you’re one of those…

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  • May152016

    Composting Organic Office Waste in Australia: Why Do It And What Are The Options?

    Ten to fifteen years ago, most waste managers would have dismissed ideas like zero landfill, zero waste and the circular…

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  • Aug182015
    battery recycling bins

    Introducing Battery Recycling Bins for Offices and Schools

    As part of our ongoing mission to combat needless landfill waste we’re pleased to introduce the latest addition to the…

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  • Oct302014
    national recycling week

    Australian Sustainability Calendar – November 2014

    Here’s a roundup of upcoming events on the Australian Sustainability Calendar for November 2014. World Vegan Day Melbourne – 9th…

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  • Sep252014

    Australian Sustainability Calendar – October 2014

    By Popular demand here’s another look at events on the Australian Sustainability Calendar for the month ahead. 2014 Australian Academy…

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  • Sep242014
    Australian Sustainability Calendar - September 2014 - rat eating

    Australian Sustainability Calendar – September 2014

    If your job or interests are in any way connected with the sustainability space this may be of interest. We’ve…

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  • Apr292014
    Recycling at school - children learning how to recycle waste

    School Recycling – 3 Reasons to Do it Well and How to Improve Recycling at Your School

    There are so many good reasons to champion the cause of recycling in our schools. Here are three of the…

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  • Feb262014
    Eco Bin Black Range

    Introducing Office Recycling Bins made from Recycled Plastic – the Eco Bin Black Range

    For those wanting to go the extra mile with their recycling program, buying any new product raises the question, “Can…

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