Certified Carbon Neutral

EcoBins are certified as Carbon Neutral products by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

  • EcoBins are made from a special lightweight, corrugated plastic. Their manufacture requires less than a quarter of the raw materials used to make a traditional injection moulded plastic bin of equivalent size.
  • Their manufacture also requires less than 50% of the energy consumed in making equivalent injection moulded bins.
  • What greenhouse gas emissions we do produce in the lifecycle of EcoBins, i.e. their manufacture, transport etc, we offset by purchasing Carbon Offset Credits.

Please note: Ecobin wheelie bin enclosures are not carbon neutral certified.

To learn more about the Carbon Reduction Institute’s findings and certification please see:

Additional Sustainability Benefits

  • Most EcoBins are flat packed when shipped, which means they save on transport emissions.
  • They are fully recyclable at the end of their lives.
  • Compared to injection moulded plastic bins, their manufacture requires very little water and their recycling process is chemical free.
  • Their colour coding system is highly effective at minimizing the comingling of waste streams and in diverting waste from landfill.