Eco-friendly Business

Eco-friendly Business
August 12, 2019 Nidhi Chaudhary

The environment, recycling, going green, sustainability… these things are on everyone’s radar these days but I’ll bet you never considered the benefits that these things could have on your business. There are plenty of things used in every business that could easily be recycled, but instead, they’re going to landfills. According to environmental protection agencies estimate, only remodelling and renovation companies generate over 61 million tons of waste each year. Just think about those landfills… eek!!  

What will you do if you have to choose between two companies – both offering similar services and price, with the only difference being that one recycled their wastes and the other didn’t? You’d choose the company that recycled, right? In fact, consumers are ready to pay more for eco-friendly services.

Now instead of throwing all that waste away let’s recycle or reuse it. Recycling is not just a theory or a good idea, it’s a way of living a cleaner life. It’s easy to throw empty soda cans into the correct bin or bundle up your newspapers but what about the hundreds of other recyclable things that most of the time end up in landfills? Most of those materials can be recycled too, yet not enough of us have a recycling plan in place, despite the many benefits. 

Here are some reasons why you may want to make your business green: 

Recycling prevents pollution – Recycling just 35% of your trash, reduces toxic emissions equal to 36 million cars taken off the road. That’s a big impact! 

Recycling conserves natural resources – Recycling conserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals. Here’s an example, throwing away a single can versus recycling it is like pouring out six ounces of gasoline. Yikes! 

Boost Morale – Recycling can boost employee morale! Studies have shown that people like to work for environmentally friendly organisations and they’re more likely to stay at a company that implements these sustainable practices. 

Helps your community – Adding recycling to your standard operating procedures can help your entire community. Numerous studies show that recycling creates thousands of jobs and communities across the country.

Lastly, the environment is in the news big time these days and that news is generating more and more interest from consumers. Studies have shown that more and more people are concerned about the environment. They’re taking steps in their personal lives to make a difference. They also want to do business with those companies who share this point of view. By implementing recycling practices you’ll be adding one more reason for consumers to choose you, rather than your competitors. 

If you have a recycle and reuse program already in place, or if you are going to be starting one soon, be sure to let your clients and prospective clients know about it. They’ll help spread the word to others who also think it’s important. Add it to your business sign to let your community know about your waste management program and your efforts to donate usable materials.

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