Ecobins for Public spaces

Recycling Bins for Public spaces

Welcome Ecobiners! If you would like to help reduce Australia’s 75.8 million tonnes of waste per year you are in the right place! Not only will we give you tips on reducing your waste production, but we will guide you in how to responsibly dispose of those inevitable waste items.

Nature is truly beautiful whether it be a breath-taking forest, the splashing waves of the beach, or simply some trees on your local road. It is so important to preserve this beauty. That is why we here at Ecobin have created a wheelie bin recommendation list for public spaces. Help keep our planet beautiful by looking at the links below. Happy recycling!

  • Home Office Bundle Set

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    Our latest Ecobin bundle is brought to you by humankind’s latest abbreviation, Working From Home (WFH).

    Say goodbye to your kitchen’s overworked and overflowing landfill bin, we’ve bundled together a home office set that’ll have your neighbours wondering if you’re running an undercover co-working space from your living room. Keep to yourself, Karen!

    Bundle Includes:
    1 x 25L Landfill bin
    1 x 25L Mixed Recycling bin
    1 x 25L Soft Plastic Recycling bin
    1 x Desktop Battery bin
    ✓ Dimensions of 25L bins: 34.4cm x 19.4cm x 39cm high
    ✓ Dimensions of 1L battery bin: 11cm x 10cm x 10cm high

    The Home Office set has everything you need to continue all the hard work you put into recycling back at the office (pre pandemic, obvs) and divert up to 85% from landfills right from your home – hello, reason for a 3:30pm vino!

    $64.96 INCL GST ($59.05 ex GST)
  • Full Set of Educational Laminated Posters with New Chalkboard Images

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    Recycling. It seems simple enough right? But if you’ve ever been in one of those situations where you’re standing in front of a bin wondering about the correct disposal of the obscure packaging you have in your hand and you just don’t know where to put it but you WANT TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND SUDDENLY YOU START QUESTIONING EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER DISPOSED OF AND YOU JUST WISH IT WAS EASIER AND OH MY GOD WHY CAN’T IT JUST BE EASIER.


    Our do’s and don’ts poster is here to help. Providing you with all the reassuring comfort of a mother’s embrace, it’ll help with all your confusion around correct waste disposal.

    ✓ No need to play favourites, we’re giving you all 5!
    ✓ Dimensions: 20 cm wide x 42 cm high
    ✓ Laminate finish ensures durability and long life

    $26.18 INCL GST ($23.80 ex GST)
  • For Childcare Centres – Recycling Bin and Poster Pack

    All your waste management needs for one classroom. 4 x 25 Litre Bins with posters.
    Set of 4, Colour Coded Waste / Recycling Bins

    Yellow 25 Litre Mixed Recycling Bin
    Blue 25 Litre Paper Recycling Bin
    Green 25 Litre Organic Waste Bin (option with Green lid)
    Red 25 Litre Landfill Waste Bin (option with Black lid)
    ✓ Dimensions of 25L: 34.4 cm x 19.4 cm x 39 cm high
    Bright colours look great in any classroom and help your children learn about different waste streams at an early age.
    Set of 4, Colour Coded Recycling Posters

    A colour coded poster to match each bin, listing what should and what should not go in each bins

    Yellow Mixed Recyclables Poster
    Blue Paper Recycling Poster
    Green Organic Waste Poster
    Red Landfill Poster


The tough bin that lasts a lifetime.

Ecobin’s are colour coded for easy recycling so everyone can be sustainable.

Ecobins compared to hard plastic bins

Use 50% less electricity and water and have very little waste during the production process.

Ecobins are flatpacked reducing transport emissions

Store more in less space, and assemble in minutes.

At Ecobin sustainability is at the core of everything we do

We consider “How” we make things because the “Why” we do things is even more important.

John Engelander, CEO Ecobin

Fully Customisable

We have a full in-house design service available, so chat to us about customising the branding on the side of your indoor bins. For our outdoor bin enclosures we have a range of customisable magnetic signs or full vinyl wraps for eye catching outdoor enclosures.

Friendly Customer Service

Need to chat to someone and understand the options ideal to your unique situation? We’re passionate sustainability advocates and welcome your phone call or email. We even have online chat during business hours, just start your message in that box at the bottom left of the screen.

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