FAQs about Recycling and Commercial Waste Bins


  • Where are they manufactured?

    All EcoBins are Made in Australia

  • Can our logo be printed onto the EcoBins?

    EcoBins can have your logos printed; however this will incur a cost of approximately $500.00 regardless of quantity. If you are looking to purchase less than 500 items, it may prove more economical to have us provide adhesive logos to place on the bins. The cost for these can be as little as $90.00

  • Do I need to use bin liners?

    Degradable bin liners are recommended for co-mingled, and landfill. It is important to understand that in most cases, liners should not be placed into mixed recycling collection bins. The contents of the liners should be emptied into the collection bin & the liner placed into the landfill bin. The same is true for Organic waste unless these bins are used with biodegradable liners. However, you may need to speak with your waste contractor as policies for biodegradable bags vary from company to company. No liner is necessary for Paper recycling bins.

  • Do I get a discount if I want to order a large quantity of bins?

    Quantity discounts are available and it is dependent on the order quantity. Please contact us for a quotation.

  • How much will it cost for delivery?

    It is dependent on the quantity of the order and delivery location. Please contact us for delivery costs.

  • What items can be placed in each of the bins?

    Colour coded “Posters” are available, explaining the do’s and don’ts for each waste stream.

  • How long will EcoBins last?

    EcoBins are made from a durable, lightweight corrugated plastic, allowing them to be washed cleaned with water. They are designed to last the life of your office. The only exception is the 12L corrugated cardboard version (non plastic) paper recycling trays. As these are made from cardboard, they will be prone to damage when knocked or exposed to moisture and food items. For long term use, the corrugated plastic 12L paper recycling trays are the better solution.

  • Who will empty the bins?

    Your current cleaning staff would still be responsible for emptying the waste station bins into the waste collection bins. You will need to have separate collection bins for each EcoBin waste stream that you utilise. General land fill waste and recycling pick up is available by contracting one of many waste collection companies. In some situations local council may pick up commercial property waste.

  • How many bins will I need?

    This will depend on the size of the space and amount of staff. To be effective, it is important for EcoBins to be easily accessible for people to utilise. We recommend placing one set of waste stations for every 25-30 staff. In addition, at least one set of waste station bins in kitchens & tea points. For areas where space is at a premium, 25L waste stations are the best option.

  • Do the EcoBins come in larger sizes?

    For indoors, 60L is the largest size EcoBins that we manufacture in order to keep the weight of contents manageable for cleaning as this is one of our OH&S requirements. We also have available, colour coded wheelie bins in 120L & 240L sizes for larger requirements. Even larger wheelie bins are also available. (mostly used for out doors)