How can we save the earth?

How can we save the earth?
January 14, 2020 Nidhi Chaudhary

So far, our earth is the only planet found where life exists. To preserve this life, it’s necessary to preserve the natural wealth of the earth, which are its resources, its purity and most importantly its environment which is one of the main reasons why life exists on it. On the contrary, mankind has misused these natural resources and the evil consequences of misusing them have started coming in the form of extreme events like global warming, water crisis, floods, droughts, pollution and a lot more.

More than 190 countries celebrate World Earth Day each year since 1970. The event was started with the motive of environmental protection and to gain global support. During the first ceremony of World Earth Day, millions of people expressed their wishes and participated to understand the goals of this program. The foundation of this day was laid to make people aware of the increasing rate of industrialization and to change their careless attitude towards sustainability. The idea was to spread knowledge and awareness amongst everybody on how to protect this planet from problems like global warming and pollution, and the adverse effects of pollution and landfill on the earth. 

If you want to save the earth and life, you need to be both conscious and cautious. As an individual, there are plenty of things that you can do to contribute to saving this planet. It‘s a fact that charity begins at home, you can make an impact on your family, your family can influence neighbours, your neighbourhood can change the whole town, and then state, nations and the complete world. Changing your habits or adding good habits in your daily routine is all that is needed so that you can change yourself and your surroundings. These little changes in your habits can do wonders. 

Let’s find out some simple and effective ways that we can implement in our daily lives to make our planet a better place.

  • Adding more greenery in your front yard and the backyard is a very good option. Moreover, there are many plants available for indoor that can improve the air quality in your house. Planting trees with your family members in open areas is the best way to show your family that you really care for the environment. Challenges are very famous at social media these days, so you can make a video and challenge other people to do the same.
  • You can also get involved in some other outdoor activities with your family. Such as building a bird’s nest on trees or hanging water bowls for them and discussing their role in the ecosystem.
  • Encourage people around you to reduce the use of plastic to curb land and water pollution.
  • Recycle all the waste that can be recycled and go for reusable things instead of one-time use and throw products, for example, a hanky is always better than a tissue paper.
  • Conserve water, save every drop. Do not leave the tap open while brushing. Take a bath in a bucket instead of showers. Do not let the taps drip, call the plumber and get it fixed as soon as it can be.
  • Make economical use of the office or home electricity. Always try to turn off the lights, fans, ac, computer screen, television etc when they are not in use. 
  • Using public transport if possible, carpooling, cycling are other things that you can add to your new habits list. Saving fuel has become very important now.
  • You can try to avoid the wastage by using everything in the amount that you can consume easily. Whether its food, groceries, clothing, paper or any other thing, because at the end wastage is not good both for your pocket and for the bin.


Explain the importance of nature, environment, water and plants to yourself and try to develop a sense of belonging towards them by becoming more sensitive. If the earth is green, the environment will be healthy and life will be truly prosperous and pleasant.

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