Pointless Packaging Must Stop!

Pointless Packaging Must Stop!
March 29, 2019 Stacey Wilson

Isn’t our planet amazing? Sometimes we forget how truly lucky we are to be living on such a wonderful planet. A planet that provides us with a plethora of unique, delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables to help sustain us.

You’d think with how clever Mother Nature is that she would have thought to put some sort of protective layer over those fruits and vegetables… but I guess we can’t get everything exactly perfect can we?!

How great would it have been if fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples, kiwi fruits, oranges, carrots and potatoes were all created with some sort of protective skin on them to protect their soft insides? If they did have these amazing protective skins on them, then certain supermarkets probably wouldn’t feel the need to protect those fruits and veggies in plastic that’s never guaranteed to ever naturally break down.

Ohh… hang on… what’s that? A banana actually has a protective layer on it you have to peel off before you eat it? And, whoa?! That protective layer keeps it fresh?! No way!!

Wait, what? MOST fruits and vegetables have a natural protective layer on them we just have to remove before we consume them? MIND BLOWN!

If that’s true though, what possible reason could supermarkets have for justifying wrapping fruit and vegetables in soft plastics?

The average Australian household produces 1.5 tonnes of waste each year, and as much as it’s great to recycle your waste properly it’s even more important to stop unnecessary plastic being used in the first place.

To help send a message to the supermarkets about this pointless plastic put on our fruits and vegetables, One Million Women have started a hashtag movement #LEAVEITONTHESHELF.

They are encouraging Australian’s to leave the plastic wrapped groceries on the shelf and take the pledge to only purchase fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t in nasty plastic packaging. This will send a message loud and clear to the supermarkets that consumers don’t want their fruit and veggies wrapped in plastic.

Image: One Million Women

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