Green Organic Waste Educational Laminated Poster
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Green Organic Waste Educational Laminated Poster

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Recycling. It seems simple enough right? But if you’ve ever been in one of those situations where you’re standing in front of a bin wondering about the correct disposal of the obscure packaging you have in your hand and you just don’t know where to put it but you WANT TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND SUDDENLY YOU START QUESTIONING EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER DISPOSED OF AND YOU JUST WISH IT WAS EASIER AND OH MY GOD WHY CAN’T IT JUST BE EASIER.


Our do’s and don’ts poster is here to help. Providing you with all the reassuring comfort of a mother’s embrace, it’ll help with all your confusion around correct waste disposal.

✓ Organic only waste stream
✓ Dimensions: 21 cm wide x 59.4 cm high
✓ Laminate finish ensures durability and long life

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✓ Organic only waste stream
✓ Dimensions: 21 cm wide x 59.4 cm high
✓ Laminate finish ensures durability and long life


Clear Guidance

For waste sorting to work, it’s got to be simple. And we’re all for simplicity! Pair your Ecobins with these matching posters, one for each waste stream and instantly users will have a quick ready reckoner to affirm they’re throwing their waste in the right bin. Quick. Easy. Simple.

Wipe Clean Surface

Rubbish can be messy business, that’s why our posters have a slick wipe clean laminated surface, front and back, making them easy to keep hygienic and durable enough for a lifetime of use.

“When Beautiworx, a manufacturer of hair, body and beauty products introduced a recycling programme using Eco Bin product, within 6 weeks Landfill waste reduced 60% from 15 cubic metres to 6 cubic metres a week. With 70 staff on site education, colour coding and signage has been crucial to the success. Most staff were used to recycling at home so the concept was not new. Staff welcomed the initiative. They were also encouraged to provide feedback on how the system could best work. The adoption of the initiative and the success to date in both environmental and financial terms is clear.

We now recycle 5 cubic metres of Plastic and 6cm of Paper and Cardboard a week, with lunch food scraps collected for chooks. Ongoing our goal is to reduce Landfill waste to less than 3 cm a week being more than an 80% reduction. Eco Bin colour coding and the range of product has been a significant part of our success.”

Geoff Pearce
Managing Director




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