Set of 3 Bins – Paper, Mixed Recycling & Landfill FLIP Bin – 60 Litre EcoBins
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Set of 3 Bins – Paper, Mixed Recycling & Landfill FLIP Bin – 60 Litre EcoBins

$375.00 + GST

Introducing FLIP – Our latest new release!
Finally, an office recycling bin that looks as beautiful and sleek as your workspace. Fans of our original bold coloured waste stream bins are quickly making this their new favourite must have.

✓ Paper, Mixed Recycling & Landfill Waste streams
✓ Dimensions: 33.3cm x 33.3cm x 64cm high each
✓ Ships fully assembled, just add bin liners and you’re good to go!
✓ Self-closing lids to keep odours in, bugs out and an always tidy appearance
✓ Made from post-consumer recycled material
✓ Fully recyclable at the end of their lives


Complete the look

If you’re looking for discerning and sleek office recycling bins that compliment your beautiful office space and common areas, then the Ecobin FLIP is what your workplace is looking for.

Support waste separation of all streams with the FLIP 3 bin set for Paper & Cardboard Recycling, Landfill and Mixed Recycling.

With clear waste stream labelling and colour coding, your staff can confidently dispose of waste without hesitation or accidental cross contamination.

We listened to your feedback and learnt you wanted a lid that not only would keep odours in and bugs out but would automatically close so you didn’t have to fuss with separate lids especially with full hands – so we delivered!

You also told us you want a way for the bin liner bag to stay put and not sink into the bin, so we’ve integrated a clever little bag tidy frame which not only holds the bag secure but also conceals it so not to spoil the exterior design. We’ve thought of it all haven’t we!

Made from a tough, yet lightweight polyurethane plastics, making them tear proof and resistant to spills and liquid. Eco Bins are extremely durable, so tuff we even back them with a lifetime guarantee. Not bad aye.

Order your new FLIP bins now!

Additional Information

Dimensions 33.3 x 33.3 x 64 cm
Lid Type

None, Lid with hole +$5.95, Lid with no hole +$5.95


Self Closing Lid

With all of our designs, we consider form, function and sustainability. So to ensure maximum functionality for you, our Ecobin FLIP range features a self-closing lid to keep odours in, bugs out and an always tidy appearance.

Arrives Fully Assembled

We’re known for our emission reducing flatpack shipping – however, after careful consideration, we agreed this beauty commands a bold arrival into your office space so you can begin using it right away, no delays, no excuses.

100% Recyclable

Ecobins are tough and designed for reuse, but even good things come to an end. Conscious of the impact our products have on the Earth during every stage of their life, we’ve made your Ecobin fully recyclable. At the end of its hard life, just pop it in your recycling bin for collection.
You never know, it might come back as Elon Musk’s new sunglasses, a pair of 3D printed shoes or even another handy Ecobin!

Strong & Durable

Just like carbon fibre, you wouldn’t expect something so light to be so strong and durable, but thanks to the inherit properties that Polypropylene, the material Ecobin’s are made from, it is!
Making it light and easy for cleaners to handle, yet tough enough to resist everyday impacts, water or chemicals.

“Lots of great feedback from staff, appreciate the fact that Eco Bins are easy to use because it takes seconds to know which bin takes which waste.”

Kathleen Walker
Manager Corporate Responsibility, ME BANK




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