Organic Food Waste Compost Lid No Hole – Green Ecobin – to suit 60 Litre
  • Green Organic food waste compost Lid 25 litres

Organic Food Waste Compost Lid No Hole – Green Ecobin – to suit 60 Litre

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Will you fall for the look and charm of a new clutch, a pair of new boots perhaps, or our stylish lid for the 60L Organics bin? This lid hails from our long awaited AW18 range, featuring a sleek design and an undeniably attractive finish reminiscent of vintage Versace.

Stay one step ahead of the waste management fashion game with this must have item!

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✓ Made from a tough & lightweight corrugated plastic (with a lifetime guarantee!)
✓ Tear proof and waterproof
✓ Corrugated plastic is certified carbon neutral
✓ Flexibility of cardboard with the durability of plastic


100% Recyclable

Ecobins are tough and designed for reuse, but even good things come to an end. Conscious of the impact our products have on the Earth during every stage of their life, we’ve made your Ecobin fully recyclable. At the end of its hard life, just pop it in your recycling bin for collection.
You never know, it might come back as Elon Musk’s new sunglasses, a pair of 3D printed shoes or even another handy Ecobin!

Strong & Durable

Just like carbon fibre, you wouldn’t expect something so light and flexible to be so strong and durable, but thanks to the inherit properties that Polypropylene, the material Ecobin’s are made from, it is!
Making it light and easy for cleaners to handle, yet tough enough to resist everyday impacts, water or chemicals.

“Eco Bins are implemented in class rooms and facilities throughout The University of Ballarat. We have found that the mini desk bin has dramatically reduced waste in departments and staff are genuinely receptive to changing to the Eco Bin System.”

Dale Boucher
Sustainability Officer




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