Landfill General Waste Bin Wheelie Bin Enclosure – Carlisle series – Red – to suit 120 Litre or 240 Litre
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Landfill General Waste Bin Wheelie Bin Enclosure – Carlisle series – Red – to suit 120 Litre or 240 Litre

Finally a beautiful looking wheelie bin enclosure that looks equally at home outside around school grounds, parklands and suburban streets as it does indoors throughout shopping centres, hospitals, and cafeterias.

Made from quality materials designed to withstand the riggers of daily use and the extremes of Australia’s seasons.

Proudly Designed and Made in Australia.

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Ideal for public spaces schools, lobbies, waiting rooms, shopping and conference centres.

They combine the tough, durability of stainless steel with an attractive, modern design that looks great in any setting.

Key features include:

Large, tamper-proof and highly visible side panels that house bespoke signage or graphics.

The option of flat packed shipping for optimised space and reduced shipping emissions.

You can choose from a range of pre-designed, colour coded signage side panel inserts for different waste streams. Alternatively you can send us your own design and we can make inserts up to order.

We have a range to suit other sizes so call to chat about our other models.

Ask about assembly.


The side panels make it possible to customise bins with:

  • Waste stream designation e.g. mixed recycling, glass, landfill, paper
  • Council or corporate branding
  • Ambient advertising

Ideal for offices, lobbies, schools and any indoor public spaces, they come in 3 sizes.

Additional Information

Open Space Topper

No Topper, With Topper


Magnetic Signage

Have an event coming up or seasonal message to share – Switch out the magnetic signage in a matter of moments, no more self-adhesive signage headaches. Ask about our new sign-secure system. Build a library of signs to rotate as needed. Invest once, re-use infinitely. Now that’s sustainable.

Australian Made & Designed

Whilst committed to creating a beautiful wheelie bin enclosure that would reflect a more refined solution and disrupt the sea of common styles we also wanted to ensure we supported the Australian manufacturing industry.  Thanks to quality fabrication we have been able to do just this, and still honour the attention to detail necessary for smooth and easy functionality up for the challenge of everyday use.

Optional Rain Hood

Looking for an enclosure to use outside – just add a rain hood! Made from stainless steel, the design compliments the enclosure and completes an ideal outdoor solution. Add a smart sensor to the underside of the hood and now you have remote monitoring to let you know when the bin is ready for emptying.

“I just wanted to give you some individual feedback on the red desktop garbage bin. When I was given the bin, I remember looking at it and thinking it must be a model of the one I was going to get, then realising it was in fact my new bin. I was pretty sure at that point it was going to be a failure – after all, how could it possibly be adequate?

Anyhow, its now a couple of weeks on and I have to say I’m amazed and I really like it. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say – I like my garbage bin! It fits a fair enough amount in it and it has the added benefit of making me get out of my chair when it is full and distribute the various pieces into the three bins in the kitchen. An incy bit of incidental exercise is part of the benefit. So, well done. I hope it’s taken up across the University.”

Linda Watson
University Complaints Resolution Manager




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