Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing
September 30, 2019 Nidhi Chaudhary

The concept of sustainable housing is not new. It was there for so many years. Good ventilation, proper sunlight, sleeping verandahs, the right position of bathrooms and kitchen etc, all were there in the past as well. Those days air conditioners weren’t used any time the temperature reached a little warmer than usual, houses were designed keeping in mind that they should remain cool in the summer and warm in the winters.

However, as time passed human developments have advanced, and we’ve crossed many stages from “Lost Generations” to “Generation Z”. Out of these stages, Generation X (born between 1965 – 1980) are the ones who’ve seen most of it. They’ve seen a world with almost zero pollution to the present world with so many luxuries, computers in every hand, but ironically with so many types of pollution and fear of unsustainability. The pace of developments was maximum during the last few decades, both for and against mankind.

Now everyone is looking for solutions. Fortunately, we can still do wonders by taking a few extra steps toward sustainability. Times have changed, so the practices can be different and more innovative. Sustainability starts from your home, so let’s learn more about the sustainable house.

Mainly, sustainable home is your house where you can easily move from one place to another, with proper security measures where you can feel safe, live under a healthy, clean and green environment whilst making sure that the environment is not affected by any means from your home, be it construction or maintenance. 

After all, you’d like to grow useful, beautiful, aromatic plants and not any poisonous or harmful plants in your front yard or backyard, won’t you? So why to think differently when it comes to the environment.

The main elements of a sustainable house are environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability. 

Environmental Sustainability – This is the most important element of sustainable housing. Water efficiency, energy efficiency, waste management, organic planting, recycling old things, low wastage, use of solar energy are some of the practices that you can implement in your house. Actually, environmental sustainability brings cost-efficiency in your house. Saving natural resources and reducing waste not only makes you more eco-friendly but saves money for you and your family too. Yay!

Economic Sustainability – The architect of your home plays a vital role in the economic sustainability element. There are many things like proper shading, wall insulation, proper ventilation etc which can increase the energy efficiency of your house so that you don’t have to spend so much for the energy used on artificial cooling and heating devices. Also, the sustainable house is constructed using all the parameters of cost-efficiency which include both construction cost and ongoing cost. For example, you can use cost-efficient bathroom fittings which can save your energy bills as they use less hot water.

Social Sustainability – This is related to the peace of your mind. How secure you feel where you live? Your safety,  your comfort, cleanliness around you, clean environment, good and clean neighbourhood etc all are the parts of this element of a sustainable house. Also, the interior of your house, which is visible to you most prominently while you are in relaxing mode. For this you can go for good eco-friendly furniture, energy-efficient and good looking curtains, improved indoor air quality by using indoor air purifier plants like peace lily and dwarf date palm.  

A sustainable house is super comfortable for both you and your environment, during all the different stages of life so that you can move happily in the journey of this beautiful life, and your complete family enjoys living in it – from kids to grandparents 🙂

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