• Since installing Ecobin waste stations around our centre 18 months ago the ASRC has seen a significant reduction in general waste output and an increase in general recycling. Ecobins help us to educate people seeking asylum, staff and volunteers about the importance of recycling and contribute to creating a more environmentally-conscious work environment.

    Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Eternal Cleaning Services proudly supports Eco Bins. We have successfully rolled out the Eco Bin waste management system over several sites and our customers are very excited about the system. Not only are our customers being more environmentally aware but the colourful system brightens up their premises. This system also clearly defines the different waste types making the daily rubbish collection tasks for our cleaners simpler and easier for our management team to monitor and report.


    Debbie DelimitrosContracts & Compliance Manager, Eternal
  • When Beautiworx, a manufacturer of hair, body and beauty products introduced a recycling programme using Eco Bin product, within 6 weeks Landfill waste reduced 60% from 15 cubic metres to 6 cubic metres a week. With 70 staff on site education, colour coding and signage has been crucial to the success. Most staff were used to recycling at home so the concept was not new. Staff welcomed the initiative. They were also encouraged to provide feedback on how the system could best work. The adoption of the initiative and the success to date in both environmental and financial terms is clear.

    We now recycle 5 cubic metres of Plastic and 6cm of Paper and Cardboard a week, with lunch food scraps collected for chooks. Ongoing our goal is to reduce Landfill waste to less than 3 cm a week being more than an 80% reduction. Eco Bin colour coding and the range of product has been a significant part of our success.


    Geoff PearceManaging Director, Beautiworx
  • The Metropolitan Waste Management Group is committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Replacing individual rubbish bins at each work station with the Planet Earth mini landfill Eco Bins is a great first step in reducing the amount of waste generated in an office space. A centralised waste station makes recycling easy for everyone. Recycling should be fun and easy to do. The implementation of Eco Bins in the office makes this happen.


    Metropolitan Waste Management Group
  • Lots of great feedback from staff, appreciate the fact that Eco Bins are easy to use because it takes seconds to know which bin takes which waste.


    Kathleen WalkerManager Corporate Responsibility, ME Bank
  • Eco Bins have allowed the removal of staff under-desk waste bins and are ideal for our workstation pod setup. Both staff and cleaners like Eco Bins, their colours stand out and they don’t have to think where waste has to go.


    Darlene PentlandSustainability Officer, Country Fire Authority - CFA