Wheelie Bin Enclosures

Reskinnable wheelie Bin Enclosures for Public Spaces

Easily customise your public space bins for any setting and waste stream.


Design your own or choose from our range of pre-made skins

Skins are printable with any design, colour scheme or message you choose.

Change your bins' appearance to suit your decor, landscaping, visitor profiles and waste management needs.

Fully customisable magnetic skins.

Each side of the wheelie bin enclosure features a large weather-proof and tamper-proof magnetic rubber 'skin' that can be easily swapped.

Improve waste stream management

Colour coding and graphic signage tailored to your site's most common waste types help minimise cross contamination of waste streams

Smart Sensor Technology

Optional remote monitoring lets you know when your bins are full and need to be emptied. Ideal for managing bins on large dispersed campuses.

Add branding and create highly visible ambient advertising

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Made from marine grade steel with optional rain cover

A Selection of Pre-Designed Panels


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