About EcoBin

Hello, We are Ecobin. Established 2008 – Melbourne.


Ecobin was born from humble beginnings; when CEO John Engelander noticed that unlike at home, waste wasn’t being separated in the work place. This oversight meant an enormous amount was unnecessarily going to landfill when instead at least half of it could have been recycled or composted.

Separating waste at source (the moment at which you chuck your rubbish in the bin) helps to decrease damaging greenhouse gases and the production of virgin materials.

Today our signature 4 bin waste separation system is Australia’s favourite and can be seen throughout the country in schools, offices, universities and government buildings.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We consider ‘How’ we make things, because the ‘Why’ we do things is even more important.

Thank you for playing your part, by being a part of the solution.

The tough bin that lasts a lifetime.

Ecobin’s are colour coded for easy recycling so everyone can be sustainable.

Ecobins compared to hard plastic bins

Use 50% less electricity and water and have very little waste during the production process.

Ecobins are flatpacked reducing transport emissions

Store more in less space, and assemble in minutes.

At Ecobin sustainability is at the core of everything we do

We consider “How” we make things because the “Why” we do things is even more important.

John Engelander, CEO Ecobin

Fully Customisable

We have a full in-house design service available, so chat to us about customising the branding on the side of your indoor bins. For our outdoor bin enclosures we have a range of customisable magnetic signs or full vinyl wraps for eye catching outdoor enclosures.

Friendly Customer Service

Need to chat to someone and understand the options ideal to your unique situation? We’re passionate sustainability advocates and welcome your phone call or email. We even have online chat during business hours, just start your message in that box at the bottom left of the screen.

What you see on the surface is our passion for waste separation; but beneath that lays a drive so deep that it’ll take every man, woman and child to help us achieve it.

Our approach to manufacturing is more considered than most. We think about the raw materials and how to design for least waste. We think about what then happens to that manufacturing waste. We even think about storage and transport needs and logistics, that’s why we design flatpack, so more can be stored and transported in less space lessoning our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We agree when John C. Maxwell says, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”. That’s why we know that in order to achieve a world of zero waste, it must first start with helping everyone to change their waste habits.

We’ve been in the industry a fair while now and we’ve seen first hand that waste separation needs to be easy or it won’t happen. Creating simplicity from complexity is what we strive to achieve in our range of products, so that implementing waste separation in the work place is a no-brainer and staff adoption is seamless. Less truely is more. More recycling. More re-using. More conscious awareness. More change for good.

Products for all Industries



Implementing our popular 4 bin waste separation bin system in your workplace along with desktop mini bins to reduce waste at each station can help reduce your landfill collection expenses.


Schools & Universities

Teaching children the importance of recycling is easy with our 25 Litre classroom & childcare Bin Sets. For Universities our indoor and outdoor wheelie bin enclosures are perfect for all campuses.


Government Offices

From outdoor bin enclosures, to deskside recycling trays and our matching 4 bin waste separation stations, we have a solution for every need.


Residential Council Solutions

Implementing a Green Waste recycling program is easy with our designer Food Caddy, matching liners and kerbside wheelie bins. Around the office you can be a shining example to your residents with our classic 4 bin waste separation system.


Owners Corporations

Waste management can be a big challenge amongst Multi Unit Dwellings where improving residents’ amenities and simplifying waste sorting and collection can help lesson the issue. Utilising our portable RPET waste separation bags will be a welcomed rollout amongst residents and help ease headaches for Management.


Retail & Shopping Centres

With our own exclusive bin enclosure designs featuring easy interchangeable secure magnetic signage, you’ll not only have beautiful functional bins, but also the opportunity to seasonally switch out your message as needed.

“At Ecobin sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We consider ‘How’ we make things because the ‘Why’ we do things is even more important.”

John Engelander C.E.O. Ecobin

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