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Introducing the latest must-haves for your eco-friendly lifestyle: Ecobin's 60L Bins, perfect for the Recycle Rewards scheme, coming soon to Tasmania.

These bins are your ideal solution for starting your bottle recycling efforts when the Recycle Rewards scheme launched soon in Tasmania. Merging style with efficiency, our bins are perfect for managing waste, they're not just bins; they're tools empowering you to participate actively in the Recycle Rewards recycling movement.

How To Claim Your 10c Refund

Prepare for the Recycle Rewards scheme and turn your recycling efforts into tangible benefits for both you and the planet.

Learn more and start earning and making a positive environmental impact today!

Get ready to embrace the Recycle Rewards scheme, a game-changer in Tasmanian's quest to cut down litter and ramp up recycling. This scheme is set to tackle the 45% of litter made up of beverage containers. Imagine slashing that by nearly half and doubling your recycling rates for these containers!

Recycle Rewards FAQs

Once the scheme is up and running, just bring your eligible empty containers to a Refund Point. These will be conveniently located, like in supermarkets or local shops. The exact refund method will be clear soon, but expect options like cash, card, or charity donations.

For more information, visit the Tasmanian Government website

The Tasmanian government is focusing on the usual suspects: cans, bottles (glass and PET), cartons, and juice boxes, typically between 150ml and three litres. But, there are a few exceptions like unflavoured milk and large juice bottles.

For the final list visit their

Great news for charities and community groups! You can set up Donation Points for container drop-offs or receive direct financial donations at Refund Points. Plus, you could even manage a Refund Point yourself. Lots of ways to benefit!

For more information visit the Tasmanian Government website

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