Collection: Red / Landfill Bins


You might be surprised to see a landfill bin here, hey? Well, there are some things that simply can’t be recycled and they go in our red bins. After all, our ethos here at Ecobins is about doing everything we can, not to be perfect!

Our range of red landfill bins

Our red landfill bins come in a variety of sizes to suit any need – from the 1L desktop mini bin perfect for office desks or school classrooms, to our large 660L bin ideal for larger facilities. With sizes like 25L, 60L, 120L, and 240L in between, there’s a red landfill bin for every space and place.

Plus, our colour-coordinated sets mean you can pair your red landfill bin with other recycling bins to create a complete waste solution that’s tailored for your recycling needs.


Clarity in Colour-Coding: Our red bins are a clear signal for non-recyclable waste, making it easier for everyone to contribute to better waste segregation.

Versatility: From the classroom to the commercial site, our bins are designed to fit in and stand out for all the right reasons.

Commitment to Sustainability: Even our landfill bins are part of the journey towards sustainability. By choosing correctly sized bins and segregating waste effectively, we’re all taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet.

Even in a world where we're all about recycling, some stuff just can't be reused or composted yet. Landfills are the way of keeping those bits from harming our planet. We're working towards a future with less landfill waste, but for now, it's a necessary step in keeping things tidy and clean.

Red bins are for waste that can’t currently be recycled. This includes items like broken ceramics, certain plastics, and non-recyclable packaging materials.

To follow the colour guides, our red bins are specifically designated for landfill waste. For recycling, check out our blue (paper and cardboard), yellow (mixed recyclables), and purple (glass) bins!

Yes! While they’re designed to collect non-recyclable waste, the Polypropylene bins themselves are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Easy! Our colour-coordinated sets are designed to provide you with a complete waste management solution, including red landfill bins alongside our other recycling and organic waste bins.

Or you can build your own custom sets, tailored to your space!