Collection: Return and Earn Bins


Welcome to the future of recycling with Ecobin's new 60L Bins, perfect for the NSW Return and Earn scheme.

These bins are your ideal partners in your bottle recycling journey. Designed for the collection of 10c containers such as the ones included in the Return and Earn scheme, these bins ideal for anyone wanting to make the most of this innovative recycling scheme.

How To Claim Your 10c Refund

Jump into the Return and Earn initiative – your pathway to earning extra cash while contributing to the planet's wellbeing!

Find your nearest container collection point to start making a difference and earning your refund today.

Ready to be part of a recycling revolution? With Return and Earn, every bottle, can, and carton you recycle is not just helping our environment, it's also putting cash back into your wallet or your community. This is recycling that really pays off – both for the planet and your pocket!

FAQs About Return and Earn

Collect your eligible drink containers, find a nearby return point, and decide whether to keep your 10c refund per container or donate it to a great cause. Simple, effective, and rewarding!

Most drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible. Use the quick container checker or search the database on the Return and Earn website to be sure.

Yes, some containers aren't eligible for a refund. But remember, they can still be recycled through your regular curb side collection.

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You've got choices! Get a retail voucher, a digital transfer, cash, or donate your refund.

Schools, sports clubs, community groups, and businesses can all make a big difference. It's a fantastic way to teach sustainability, raise funds, keep your grounds clean, and hit those CSR targets.

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It's huge! Billions of containers returned, tonnes of materials recycled, and millions given back to charities and community groups. Every container counts in making NSW a cleaner, greener place.

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