Collection: Yellow / Mixed Recycling Bins


We like to think of all the plastic takeaway containers and chickpea tins enjoying each other’s company in our Mixed Recycling bin before they’re taken for initial processing and turned into something incredible. The world is their oyster, but only if they’re recycled!

Your trash is our treasure.

We believe recycling is our superpower - and our mixed recycling bins and products are helping us use them in style. By disposing of any cans, bottles, papers and plastics smartly into an appropriate recycling bin, not only are you promoting recycling behaviours but you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future for all the generations to come.

Our mixed recycling bins come in all shapes and sizes, each one best suited to a certain bottles, plastics and cans volume. Whether you’re fitting out an office, school or commercial development, Ecobin has the perfect solution for your mixed recycling needs.

Want to start building your Ecobin collection?

Being eco-friendly is in, so why not do it in style? Our range of waste bins is not only great for helping the environment but they go with every aesthetic too. Our Ecobin products allow users to add streams easily, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet your waste and recycling needs. To make things as simple as pie (which would go into our landfill bin FYI), we’ve colour-coded each waste stream and added clear graphics so that you know exactly what goes into which bin.


Our mixed recycling bin is a picky eater and only likes glass bottles and jars, metal cans, plastic containers (such as bottles, jugs, and tubs), and certain types of cartons (e.g., milk or juice cartons). Anything else should go in its own respective bin.

Our mixed recycling bins can be used for both indoor and outdoor use! We have a range of bins to choose from to suit the desired space you’d like to keep them. From fully recyclable indoor bins for the home or the office to our wheelie bin collection with colour-coded lids, there is something for everyone and every place in our mixed recycling bin range. Which means there’s no excuse for you not to have one!

Absolutely! As these products are generally plastic containers, lids and packaging, you should definitely recycle them in our mixed recycling bin.

We stand out from the norm in the best way. Our bins have been thoughtfully designed to offer sustainability as well as functionality to meet the ever-evolving needs of the recycling industry. Most traditional recycling bins are made from metal or plastic, whereas our bins are made from eco-friendly materials and showcase innovative designs that lock liners in place.