Collection: Green / Organic Waste Bins


When organic waste goes into landfill, the lack of oxygen creates a scary substance called methane gas, 25 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. That’s where our organic waste bins come in!

Helping the environment one scrap at a time.

We’re all about giving back to Mother Nature - and an organic waste or compost bin helps you do just that in an easy, eco-friendly manner. Our green organic waste bins come in a range of sizes to suit any space - from mini 1L desktop bins for the office to 600L wheelie bins for apartment complexes to a 9L kitchen caddy and more. Whether you use them at work, home, or the classroom, just know that what may seem like a food scrap to you, is actually a valuable resource to the environment.

Plus, our iconic green colour makes it easy to use - and even easier to start your own Ecobin collection. Our colour-coordinated system means you can set up a personal waste system that suits your recycling services and looks good at the same time!

Need another type of bin?

It’s exciting saving the world, especially when you get to do it in style. Whether you’re looking for a bin to throw away your dairy products, recycling or glass, we have something for you!


Organic waste is any form of biodegradable materials from plants and animals. Typically, this includes food scraps (think vegetable scraps and eggshells) and garden waste (such as leaves and grass clippings). You can also use our organic waste bins for bio-materials such as tea bags, tissues and paper towels.

For the disposal of compostable bags, biodegradable bags and compostable cups, while they can be compatible with your organic waste bin, it’s important to check they meet composting standards before throwing them away to avoid any issues.

Having an Ecobin organic waste bin offers numerous benefits, for both you and the environment. By separating your organic material from your regular waste, you’ll be creating high-quality, nutrient-rich compost that will enrich your soil, promote healthy plant growth (just imagine that garden), and help create a more sustainable ecosystem in your own backyard.

Compostable liners are actually exactly how they sound - a bin liner made from materials that also break down into compost. We recommend using them to line your organic waste bin.

Don’t be fooled by the name! Degradable plastic bags (and any type of plastic materials for that matter) should go in your recycling bin. Which we just so happen to also have in stock for you.

The reason for this is that, even though the term ‘degradable’ is in the name, these types of plastic bags contain heavy metals to assist the material in breaking down over the years, which can contaminate soil and water. As a result, degradable plastic bags and organic waste don’t get along very well, so we like to keep them separated where we can.