Collection: 10c Container Deposit Scheme Bins


Meet your new eco-companions, the Ecobin Container Deposit Scheme 60L Bins, specially designed to help you start your bottle collecting journey with style and efficiency.

Our 10c bottle collection bins are the perfect addition to your existing Ecobin range, or a great starting point for your bottle collecting journey.

How To Claim Your 10c Refund

This eco-initiative is your ticket to earn some extra bucks while helping the planet.

Find out how you can get involved with the Container Deposit Scheme and where your nearest collection point is.

The Container Deposit Scheme is here to transform the way you think about recycling! With its recent launch in Victoria and its established presence in the other states, this scheme is all about creating a sustainable, circular economy. It's not just recycling bottles; it's a movement towards a cleaner, greener Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Container Deposit Scheme allows you to return eligible drink containers in exchange for a 10 cent refund. It's a simple yet powerful way to encourage recycling, reduce litter, and support your community and charities.

Victoria is rapidly expanding its network, aiming for over 600 points by August 2024. Other states also have a wide range of accessible points, making it easy for everyone to participate.

Visit your state's specific Container Deposit Scheme website for detailed information.

Eligibility varies by state, so it's best to visit your state's specific Container Deposit Scheme website for detailed information.

If unsure, check the label on your bottle for the 10c refund symbol and messaging.

You're contributing to cleaner recycling streams, significantly reducing litter, and earning a little extra change. Plus, you have the choice to support charities and community causes.

There are several options: keep the refund for yourself, or choose to donate it to a favourite cause or charity. The choice is yours!

Every bottle, can, and carton returned is one less piece of waste in landfill. By participating in the Container Deposit Scheme, you're actively helping to divert valuable materials from waste streams and contributing to environmental sustainability.

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