It’s their world, their future, and we’re here for it. At Ecobin, we know how important it is to get in early when it comes to instilling sustainable habits in kids. That's why we're here to support communities like yours in reducing waste and creating a greener future with our recycling bins for schools. We’ll handle the eco heavy lifting, you keep shaping young hearts and minds.


We think it’s an exciting opportunity - we get to empower young people to make a positive impact on our planet. As educators and parents, you know that the choices we collectively make will shape the world they will inherit tomorrow. By instilling green habits early on, we can equip kids with the tools (and recycling bins) they need to become lifelong advocates for the environment.

With Ecobin's recycling bins for schools, it's easier than ever to guide your students towards sustainable choices. Our range of simple, colour-coded recycling bins makes recycling at school a cinch. We may not be able to nail that TikTok dance (yet), but we can definitely help them make a difference!


We understand that visual cues are a teacher's best friend. That's why we've designed our easy-to-use colour-coded recycling bin and poster system to seamlessly integrate into your school's waste management routine. Consider Ecobin as your very-own Greta Thunberg (without the protesting), leading the way in creating an eco-friendly environment.

With our school recycling bins, students can effortlessly sort their waste, making it a fun and engaging learning experience. They'll quickly develop a keen sense of responsibility towards our planet, knowing that every small action counts. By nurturing their eco-consciousness now, you're setting them up for a lifetime of sustainable practices.

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Not sure where to start with recycling bins for your school? We’ve got you covered!

Get yourself set up with our three hero products or shop everything you need to deck out your classrooms. After all, ‘easy’ is our middle name. 

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