Collection: Purple / Glass Bins


Want to hear some good news? Glass is totally recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely into some pretty cool things, like AstroTurf - who knew? Now that’s worth popping the Champagne for!

Be a glass act.

It’s cool to recycle, so don’t throw away that glass bottle into just any bin - throw it into our separate glass bin. We have a range of bin sizes and types to help make glass recycling a priority in homes, schools, office spaces and industrial sites.

We also offer a container deposit scheme bin, where you can collect those wine bottles and exchange them for 10c a piece! Just make sure you check your state’s scheme guidelines first to see what is or isn’t accepted, as these differ country-wide.

Want to complete your Ecobin set?

From our yellow mixed recycling bin for plastic bags and tuna cans to our green organic waste bin for banana peels and your garden waste collection, we have a waste solution for you.


Our glass recycling bins are big fans of any glass materials made from clear, green or brown glass (so yes, those beer bottles are safe to go in this glass recycling bin). On the other hand, we like to keep other types of glass separate, such as window glass, mirrors, lightbulbs, drinking glasses or other glassware. These other glass types have different materials to your average household glass bottles and jars and can contaminate the glass recycling system we have in place.  

You can purchase an information poster with your glass bin that will tell you everything you need to know about what can and can’t be recycled here.

Having a separate glass recycling stream in place means that all of those excess glass bottles and jars can be streamlined into being recycled and turned into something new and shiny. Whether it's transforming old spirit bottles into colourful countertops or giving jam jars a second life as stylish tiles, recycling glass keeps these materials out of landfills to avoid contamination and contributes to a more sustainable future.

No. As passionate as we are about protecting our environment, we’re just as passionate about the safety of others. Broken glass is a serious safety hazard to recycling workers, so we ask you not to place any in our glass-only bin. Any broken bottles, glass jars or any other recyclable glass objects should be disposed of carefully and in accordance with your local waste management guidelines.