Collection: Blue / Paper & Cardboard Bins


We might be living in a digital world, but paper is still very much a part of our lives. We know what you’re thinking, “can’t paper go in the yellow recycling bins?” Yes, but due to contaminants, they will be recycled into low-quality products. When kept separate, paper and cardboard can be recycled up to eight times! Sounds pretty amazing, hey?

An Ecobin for every corner

We’re in the business of creating a more sustainable future, which is why we’ve created eco-friendly recycling bins of all shapes and sizes to suit all spaces. Our 120L wheelie bins are perfect for the office or schools or our 60L flip bins are ideal for disposing cardboard waste at home. Wherever you’re looking to recycle, Ecobin has the solution you need to help you contribute to a greener planet.

Need to throw away more than just paper?

Ecobin offers a range of stylish and sustainable waste bins designed to help you take care of our planet and look good while doing so. From recycling paper, cardboard organic waste and glass recycling bins, we’re ready to be your new favourite co-ord set.


From egg cartons to last week’s newspaper, our paper and cardboard recycling bins are a great way to responsibly dispose of these materials and give them a new life through recycling. Whether it’s note or industrial paper, magazines, cereal boxes, even corrugated cardboard, any clean and dry paper or cardboard you have lying around the house or workspace is perfect for this recycling service.

Shredded paper can also go in our paper and cardboard recycling bins, however, it’s best practice to place the shredded paper in a bag or container to stop it from becoming litter or contaminating other recyclable materials.

When you recycle paper and cardboard, you’re conserving resources and reducing the environmental impact that comes from paper production. Recycled paper and cardboard are broken down and reprocessed into new paper and cardboard products, meaning we can not only extend the lifecycle of paper fibres but also reduce the demand for virgin paper products, which saves energy and water. Pretty cool, right?