Australian Sustainability Calendar - September 2014 - rat eating

Australian Sustainability Calendar - September 2014

bilby-in-sand_1If your job or interests are in any way connected with the sustainability space this may be of interest. We've put together a list of dates and events on the Australian Sustainability Calendar for September 2014.

National Biodiversity Month - all month

September is Australia's National Biodiversity Month and as such there's always a choice of environmental events and focal points. There are several related National Days, such as National Threatened Species Day. Some are little more than government designated dates so far, whereas others enjoy widespread support.

Bushcare’s Major Day Out -7th September

Promotes protection and maintenance of Australia's remaining bushland. There are city and country events all over Australia with an emphasis on the local environment. It’s a fun day where anyone, young and old can work alongside experts and experienced volunteers. There's range of activities depending on the location; walks, planting, weed removal, photography workshops as well as native plant identification and well celebrated morning teas.

National Threatened Species Day - 7th September

There doesn't appear to be a huge amount of public support for this day - yet! Maybe you can make a difference. Many of us get mad when we read about habitat loss of orangutans and other species in far away lands, but we sometimes forget that just like Asia, Africa and the rest of the planet, we have plenty of threatened species here too. To name a few, the Tasmanian Devil, the beautiful Mahogany Glider, The Bilby and The Superb Parrot. There are even more endangered plants than there are animals. Then there are endangered ecological communities - which host the last remaining populations of species in a particular area or state. How good would it be if every company were to adopt a threatened, endangered, or vulnerable species? Ideally a local one so you can get involved locally. There are plenty to animals choose from: Here's a list of Australia's endangered fauna. While you're at it, how about adopting a threatened plant, too, there are even more threatened plants than animals. You can see Australia's threatened flora here. If you have kids or you're a school teacher - this a great theme for kids projects and education.

Sustainable Schools Festival - 11th September

Melbourne, St Kilda Town Hall & EcoCentre FREE celebration for schools - featuring music, Kids Teaching Kids workshops, Aboriginal cultural activities, a garden harvest feast and more. Part of the target Kids Teaching Kids Week:

National Bilby Day - 14th September

Australia's very own native, marsupial 'Easter Bunny' is in deep doo-doo and needs your help. Before the colonisation of Australia Bilbies lived far and wide across the land. Their baby cousin, the Lesser Bilby, went extinct in the 1950s. Greater Bilbies are severely endangered and now inhabit just a few places in Queensland, Northern Territory and WA. If you're looking for a team building event why not do a fund raiser to help bilbies?

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer - 16th September

Luckily not much to do here now, but it's an important day to remember. Why? Because it's a great lesson to all those who think we're powerless to make a difference to our current environmental challenges. Action over depletion of the ozone layer is one of the big success stories of environmental campaigning. Back in the early 1980s "the end was nigh". The outlook for the Ozone layer was all doom and gloom. But thanks to pressure from the scientific community and public, the governments of the world got their act together. This day commemorates the date, in 1987, on which the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed. It's thanks to the concerted international effort over the ozone layer that our grandchildren won't need to wear radiation suits outdoors. We have a previous generation of world leaders to thank for taking action. How will future generations judge the current one?

Enviro14 Trade Show - 17/19th September

Australia's largest trade show for businesses in the environmental space. It's a great opportunity to find out about the latest technology and industry practices. Adelaide

World Parks Day - 20th September

A day to celebrate our wonderful parks and open spaces. A good day to organise a hike or picnic.

World Car-Free Day - 22nd September

Needs no explanation.. Get everyone at home, work and on your facebook list to participate and you'll be a hero. Go to work or school by bike, on foot public transport - or work at home for a change. Some may decide to make it a habit. Watch this space for more events on the sustainability calendar.
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