Eco Bin Black Range

Introducing Office Recycling Bins made from Recycled Plastic – the Eco Bin Black Range

recycled_recycling_bins_by_ecobinFor those wanting to go the extra mile with their recycling program, buying any new product raises the question, “Can we use a recycled product?” That’s one reason why so many offices seem to like the idea of using boxes made from recycled cardboard for paper recycling. Eco Bin’s new black range of office bins takes this concept to its logical extreme – an entire range of office bins made from Post Consumer Recycled Plastic – not just paper recycling containers. To the best of our knowledge plastic EcoBins require less energy to manufacture and ship than any other bins on the market. Their Carbon Neutral Certification is partly due to this. The 60 Litre Recycled Black range takes this minimal consumption standard a step further. Browse to the 60 Litre Office Recycling Bins category to see them. Available for four waste streams: paper recycling, mixed recyclables, landfill only and organic waste — each is clearly labelled to avoid mistakes with waste disposal. When comparing EcoBin paper recycling bins to traditional cardboard boxes for paper recycling, Eco Bins offer the advantage of being resistant to spills and ripping. As with our coloured range of plastic workplace bins, these are much tougher than their lightweight construction might suggest. That’s why we back them with a limited lifetime guarantee. We’re currently giving away a free lid from our coloured range with each bin.
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