National Recycling Week 2015, Nov 9th - 15th.

This year National Recycling Week celebrates its 20th birthday. Organised by non-profit environmental foundation, Planet Ark, it aims to promote and improve recycling in the community, workplace and schools. Australia's recycling habits have changed a lot in that time, clearly they've done a good job. As usual the event’s organisers have worked hard to make sure there’s something for everyone in the program:-

For the office - Friday File Fling

In Australia only one sheet of paper in ten finds its way to recycling. Vast quantities of paper end up sitting forgotten in unused files, sometimes for decades. A lot more goes to landfill. To raise awareness there’s a mass paper recycle event in the form of a Friday File fling. Friday File Fling gets everyone in the office involved in an annual spring clean of unnecessary office files, releasing unused paper back into the recycling stream, thereby saving trees and greenhouse gas emissions. Paper with one side blank can be reused, while the rest goes to recycling. Last year more than 5,000 people from organisations across Australia participated, filling more than 500 wheelie bins. All told they sent 27 tonnes of paper to recycling, in the process offseting 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide. If you have lots of redundant files cluttering up valuable office space why not get involved? If you’d like to host your own Friday File Fling you can find more information on the Recycling Week website. Be sure to register your file fling so your efforts can count towards the final tally. If you’re one of the first 500 organisations to register you’ll also receive a free carton of Reflex White Recycled Paper. If you don’t yet have a recycling program in place in your office Planet Ark offers a useful Step by Step Business Recycling Toolkit on its Business Recycling website.

For Schools - Recycle Right Challenge

Teaching our kids about the environmental benefits of recycling and how to do it is important part of Planet Ark’s mission. In partnership with Cool Australia they’ve put together a National Recycling Week curriculum toolkit which offers a wide range of classroom ready lessons and activities. The Recycle Right Challenge gets lots of local and nation media coverage so by taking part it’s an opportunity for your pupils and school to shine in the public eye. Learn more about the Schools Recycle Right Challenge. If you’re starting a recycling program from scratch there’s an excellent guide available on the Planet Ark website here: How To Set Up A Recycling System: A School’s Guide.

Ideas for Improving Your Recycling

If your organisation is an EcoBin customer, chances are you’re already a conscientious recycler. Even so, with recycling in the national spotlight, National Recycling Week makes an ideal time to review your current practices and set new goals for improvement. If you already have a recycling program in place and you’re not sure where to focus your efforts, these articles may give you a few ideas. How do you handle food waste? Is Your Recycling Program Neglecting This Important Waste Stream? E-Waste? Recycle Your E-Waste or Leave a Toxic Legacy for Future Generations Batteries? Introducing Battery Recycling Bins for Offices and Schools What about your supply chain and packaging? Expanded Polystyrene Foam: Should It Be Banned? 4 Office Consumables You Can Do Without 4 Office Consumbles You Can Do Without. National Recycling Week 2015 runs from Monday, 9th November to Sunday November 15th. You can learn more about it here: National Recycling Week 2015
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