How can I be more eco-friendly when shopping?

How can I be more eco-friendly when shopping?
September 16, 2019 Nidhi Chaudhary

In order to fulfill the current necessities and luxuries, mankind has reached a point where the environment is suffering. Global warming, climate change, rainfall fluctuations, and amazon fires are some of the prominent things that can be seen throughout the world. Several scientific agencies around the world including NASA and NOAA claimed that 2019 was tied for the second warmest year on record with 2016, both in the same decade. Scientists record temperatures are what’s expected with man-made climate change.

Environment sustainability and human demand have a very well-established relationship. There’s a huge increment in the unsustainable and wasteful use of natural resources lately to make better quality of life, but have you achieved that better quality overall? Mahatma Gandhi once said, “the world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”  

It’s never ‘too late’  to fix the damage that has been done to the environment. Sensible and eco-friendly shopping is one of the best and easiest ways to handle it at ground level. Here are a few tips to help get you started! 

You can carry a reusable cloth bag or tote wherever you go shopping. This is good for most of the shopping that you do in your daily routine. This not only helps to avoid plastic bags but is also helpful to carry your stuff with extra security and privacy. 

Go for handkerchiefs rather than tissues. If you think hankies are old-fashioned, you need to know that Australians consume around 230,000 tonnes of tissue products and unfortunately, tissues cannot be recycled as they get contaminated so the only place for them is in landfill. Suddenly handkerchiefs never looked so fashionable, right?!. You just need to use them properly, fold them after every use and pop them in the wash after 2 or 3 uses. 

You can avoid offseason imported fruits and vegetables as this can help you save the cost for storage & shipping and save the environment from gas pollution. Moreover, fresh food is more nutritious and healthy.

There are many brands and businesses who truly care about the environment. Some use recycled material to manufacture their products, whereas some use only biodegradable elements. Ecobins indoor bins are made up of corrugated plastic from up to 98% recycled material. You can switch to these brands for environmentally sustainable products.

Organic food and organic clothing are good choices to be made for eco-friendly shopping. The cost is a little high, but the quality is much better. For example, sprouts made from organic pulses are better in taste than the normal ones.

LED products like bulbs, lights, televisions and monitors have the tendency to save a lot of electricity. So opt for them and save both energy and your wallet.

Replace plastic completely from your shopping list with some other alternative. Be assured that these other alternatives will definitely be more durable and long-lasting, plus they can be recycled and reused as well.

So shop sensibly and next time make it Happy Eco-friendly Shopping instead of just Happy Shopping!

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