Calling all campus-dwellers and uni staff, and everybody in between! We know that Uni’s where all the magic begins, and where habits and mindsets are shaped for the good of the world. Here at Ecobin, we’ve designed a range of recycling bins for universities that fit seamlessly into staff rooms, student lounges, on-site cafes and even libraries.


Put down the signs, uni folk, it’s not an actual rally rally. But, the presence of our university recycling bins on campus really is a metaphorical megaphone, belting out your sustainability message, sans angst or unrest (phew!). 

Our range of high-contrast, attractive bins along with our chalkboard-style posters just slide in effortlessly to uni spaces. We make it easy for students (even those who haven’t slept) with clever colour-coding and stylish signage. Thinker not thinking? We have a sign for that. Got an empty, sad-looking corner? There’s a bin for that. From compact desk buddies to large-capacity recycling and landfill bins for communal areas, we've got your campus waste management needs covered.

So check our range out, get your space equipped and make tracks for sustainability at your Uni.


Who said recycling has to be hard? We're all about subliminal sustainability messaging. Our recycling bins and rad graphics spread the word about recycling, waste reduction, and being kind to the Earth without you even needing to try. 

Plus, if you’re worried about them like you’re worried about your faculty staff, rest assured. Our bins are like assignment deadlines, they're tough and near impenetrable. Crafted from top-notch, durable materials, our bins can handle all the drama on campus like champs. By choosing Ecobin recycling bins, you're rejecting no-questions-asked waste and saying yes to sustainability. High Distinctions for everybody.


Not sure where to start with recycling bins for your university? We’ve got you covered!

Get yourself set up with our three hero products or shop everything you need to deck out your campus spaces. Consider us your Uni BFF. Here for you when you need it!

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