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Our black mixed designer bins are ideal for offices, schools and public indoor spaces. Our black range of recycling indoor bins are 100% recyclable at the end of their life; suitable for popping into your curb side collection bin.

Our black range of Waste Stream bins are made from post-consumer recycled plastic, these indoor bins are the ideal choice for the most environmentally conscious organisations.

Available in a range of styles, including with, or without a lid and smaller versions for under your office desk, these designer bins are perfect to keep you accountable with your recycling and are the perfect addition to your office waste management program.


It can sometimes be a daunting task, walking over to a range of recycling bins and not knowing whether you are putting the right material in to the right waste bin, so the black mixed designer bins work perfectly to encourage people to increase their recycling, with different coloured lids for each waste stream.

As with any new initiative, to accompany your new recycling indoor bins it’s a great idea to use a poster with details on how and what to place in your new waste bins. Include tips on how to empty materials first before placing them in the designer bins, or prompt users to discard certain parts of their waste, before recycling.


The Ecobin black mixed range of designer bins work like all of our other indoor recycling bins. They are split into categories of Organic Waste, Landfill, Paper & Cardboard, Mixed Recycling and Soft Plastic. What’s different about these designer bins are that the products are made of recycled plastic corflute from post-consumer waste making it the most eco-friendly choice of the Ecobin indoor recycling bin range.

Your designer bins will ensure that your staff aren’t tempted to drop their waste into just any rubbish bin. Our black mixed range of large rubbish bins still have their signature coloured lids that can come with, or without a hole depending on your requirements. These coloured lids make the designer bins recognisable when staff are throwing away their waste.


You can use your range of black designer bins as you would use any of our other range of indoor recycling bins. The black mixed bins are simply a more eco-friendly option, due to them being made with recycled materials.

It is important to only place the correct items in your indoor recycling bins as contamination (placing the wrong type of material into the bin) can actually have a huge impact on the recycling process and can even cause an entire truckload of recycling to be sent to landfill, putting all of your hard recycling work to waste.

To ensure that your black mixed designer bins are being used correctly, ensure you educate your staff, school or household in the correct use of the recycling bins, including what lid represents which waste stream.


Each black mixed designer bin serves a different purpose, which is easily identifiable by which lid you choose to place on top of it.

A green lid will indicate that the bin is for organic waste only. This can be any biodegradable materials derived from a plant or animal. A yellow top on your designer bins will mean that the recycling bin is for mixed recyclables. The yellow top designer bins can be used to throw out a large variety of materials, including cans, plastic and also glass. A blue top will accept paper and cardboard, and a red top will indicate that this designer bin is for waste that will be sent to Landfill. If your designer bins are being used correctly, then your Red Landfill bin shouldn’t be used very often.


Ecobin’s designer bins are made of corrugated plastic. Our bins require substantially less energy to manufacture than injection moulded plastic bins and / or metal bins, which is why they are a great alternative.

Ecobins are tough and designed for reuse, but even good things come to an end. Conscious of the impact our products have on the Earth during every stage of their life, we’ve made your Ecobin fully recyclable. At the end of its hard life, just pop the bin in your recycling bin for collection.