Give Your Coffee Pods Another Life

Give Your Coffee Pods Another Life
June 1, 2018 Fred Berger

Ah coffee. The magical juice that we rely on for alertness, productivity and many other situations throughout the day. There’s something so reassuring about sipping on the first cup of java for the day, like you can tackle anything that comes your way. Or at 2am when you have to stay awake.

With the rise of the ever-popular coffee pod machines, having a machine at home and office is more accessible than ever. The sheer volume of coffee consumed on a daily basis is causing major environmental issues as the majority of pods end up in landfill. But did you know that these little pods of fleeting goodness can be recycled and given another life?

Nespresso has partnered with Terracycle to develop a recycling program specifically for their capsules. The capsules are shredded and melted down and turned into new aluminium products. Residual coffee is separated and sent to an industrial composting facility. Click here to learn more about the recycling process.

For more information on how to recycle your Nespresso coffee pods, head over to the site here.

The good news is Nespresso are not the only coffee company to join the recycling revolution. Aldi also offers a recycling service through Terracycle. There is also a recycling program available for other generic pods as well.

On another note, Terracycle run numerous free recycling programs for many household items, including beauty products, oral hygiene products and parcel packaging. For more information, jump over here.

Taking small steps daily to save the environment is key. As the popular saying goes, “many hands make light work.”

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  1. […] With the pressure mounting to hit the EOFY deadline you may find yourself consuming a few more cups of coffee to help you get through the day. In order to help our environment and reduce waste why not simply take a mug with you and have your coffee in a reusable mug rather than a disposable takeaway cup. This way you still get that delicious caffeine hit and also have the added bonus of knowing you are reducing landfill. If your office has a coffee machine that uses coffee pods ensure that you are recycling them correctly by reading our Blog post on giving your coffee pods another life […]

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