Paper & Cardboard Recycling Bin – Blue Ecobin – 60 Litre
  • Blue paper and cardboard recycling bin 60 litres

Paper & Cardboard Recycling Bin – Blue Ecobin – 60 Litre

$24.95$30.90 + GST

Washable & Durable

Bin size: 34.7cm x 27.7 cm x 57cm high

Arrives flat packed:

Flexibility of cardboard with the durability of plastic recyclable

A place to throw out all your used office paper

Bin lids and liners sold separately.

Clear selection


Complete the look

This is the larger of our two paper recycling bins for office / indoor use. Typically the 60 Litre range for bins are used as waste stations, i.e. shared / communal bins.

Eco Bin paper recycling containers are an ideal replacement for unsightly, tattered cardboard containers.

Clearly labeled for Paper Recycling and coloured blue, the standard colour coding for paper and cardboard waste. This helps prevent mistakes with waste stream management.

Made from a tough, yet lightweight corrugated plastic. Eco Bins are extremely durable. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our plastic bins.

They’re tear proof, resistant to spills and liquid from half empty paper cups, and can be washed with a damp cloth.

If your organisation is environmentally conscious you’ll find no better choice than Eco Bin for all your waste disposal and recycling needs.

Our corrugated plastic bins are certified carbon neutral products. They require substantially less energy to manufacture than injection molded plastic bins and or metal bins.

Ships flat packed.

Additional Information

Dimensions 34.7 x 27.7 x 57 cm
Lid Type

No Lid (Bin Only), Lid with hole +$5.95 *MOST POPULAR, Lid with no hole +$5.95


100% Recyclable

Ecobins are tough and designed for reuse, but even good things come to an end. Conscious of the impact our products have on the Earth during every stage of their life, we’ve made your Ecobin fully recyclable. At the end of its hard life, just pop it in your recycling bin for collection.
You never know, it might come back as Elon Musk’s new sunglasses, a pair of 3D printed shoes or even another handy Ecobin!

Strong & Durable

Just like carbon fibre, you wouldn’t expect something so light and flexible to be so strong and durable, but thanks to the inherit properties that Polypropylene, the material Ecobin’s are made from, it is!
Making it light and easy for cleaners to handle, yet tough enough to resist everyday impacts, water or chemicals.

Reinforced Handles

With all of our designs we consider form, function and sustainability. So to ensure maximum functionality for you, our 60Lt bins feature a purpose built reinforced handle to allow for a strong grip when shifting, lifting or manoeuvring your Ecobins over the course of their lifetime.

“When Beautiworx, a manufacturer of hair, body and beauty products introduced a recycling programme using Eco Bin product, within 6 weeks Landfill waste reduced 60% from 15 cubic metres to 6 cubic metres a week. With 70 staff on site education, colour coding and signage has been crucial to the success. Most staff were used to recycling at home so the concept was not new. Staff welcomed the initiative. They were also encouraged to provide feedback on how the system could best work. The adoption of the initiative and the success to date in both environmental and financial terms is clear.

We now recycle 5 cubic metres of Plastic and 6cm of Paper and Cardboard a week, with lunch food scraps collected for chooks. Ongoing our goal is to reduce Landfill waste to less than 3 cm a week being more than an 80% reduction. Eco Bin colour coding and the range of product has been a significant part of our success.”

Geoff Pearce
Managing Director




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