Why is it important to separate waste?

Why is it important to separate waste?
November 1, 2018 Stacey Wilson

When it comes to throwing away items that we no longer need it is so important that we separate our waste in the right way. There are many people who do not actually realise how important it is and often ask the question… “Why is it important to separate waste?”

The short answer to this question is that if we do not separate our waste when we are throwing it away, we are throwing everything directly into landfill.

Having rubbish sit around in a landfill is serious business as items that are contained within a landfill release toxic gases like methane as they begin to decompose. Methane is 25 times more poisonous than carbon dioxide and is one of the main causes of global warming and climate change.

If we all are more aware of exactly what items can and cannot be recycled, and we sort our waste accordingly we are going to be ensuring that both our generation and future generations are still able to live and thrive on this beautiful planet of ours. After all, there is no planet b.

Ecobin is passionate about our planet, and that is why we specialise in waste stream management and offer a large range of easy to understand recycling bins and educational posters  to ensure that everyone can dispose of their waste and recycling super responsibly!

With everyone making more effort to separate their hard and soft plastics, organic waste, paper and mixed recycling into different bins rather than throwing everything into one rubbish bin we will begin to see a change for the better in our world.

Every single action you take matters.


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