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Shop, Recycle, and Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

Did you know that 99 per cent of what you buy end up in the trash within six months? Every year, humankind produces 2.12 billion tons of global waste. Almost half of it – 46 per cent – comes from organic waste: the food people and animals eat. Paper makes up 17 per cent of the global trash, while plastic makes up 10 per cent.

With all the trash humans generate each year, it’s no surprise that the environment is suffering. However, there is an easy and effective way to address this issue: proper waste management.

The Benefits of Using Ecobin

With the aid of our Ecobins, you can streamline waste management at an affordable cost. By improving your waste segregation and recycling process, you can help:

Prevent Water Contamination

It is a widely-known fact that 71 per cent of the surface of our planet is made up of water, and that our seas and oceans are the Earth’s lifeblood. As an invaluable part of our existence, water has helped us thrive since time immemorial. Aside from giving us our much-needed marine resources, oceans produce more than 50 per cent of the oxygen present in the atmosphere, as well as absorb the largest amount of carbon from it.

Until recently, it was once assumed that because they are so big, no amount of trash and chemicals dumped into them can produce catastrophic results. Today, we only need to look at the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch that stretches a thousand miles to see how human waste has brought thriving aquatic ecosystems on the verge of collapse.

Solid wastes that are non-degradable are choking and poisoning marine creatures and aquatic birds. This doesn’t only cause an alarming decline of their once healthy population, but this also means that the fish you eat can contain these toxic substances.

By reducing the amount of waste you produce in your household, recycling plastic, and reusing what you can still utilise, you can help prevent pollutants from harming our oceans. After all, even if you don’t actively dump waste into bodies of water, rainfall can pick up improperly disposed litter and sweep them into streams, rivers, and finally, into the sea.

Avoid Soil Contamination

Recyclables, if not properly managed, can end up contaminating our soil. These items include plastics, glass, metals, paper, and other solid wastes that end up in landfills. Many landfills are already overloaded, which means that the more land will be used up to accommodate trash. Given how natural habitats are often destroyed when land is used for manmade purposes, it isn’t surprising that this is bad news for the environment. Aside from that, landfill waste also produce methane. Too much methane causes the greenhouse effect, a contributor to global warming. Furthermore, many products release toxic substances and carcinogens, such as DEHA from non recycled plastic that sits on a landfill for a long period of time. By segregating and managing your waste responsibly, you can help prevent hazardous substances from contaminating the soil.

Clear the Air

Garbage that contain harmful chemicals can harm our already damaged ozone layer. Substances such as oil, bleach, and acid can greatly decrease air quality if burned, which causes health problems related to air pollution, such as lung infections. In addition to that, trash that is not properly disposed will also produce methane gases. The first effective step to combat air contamination is to recycle products, reuse items, and dispose trash properly.

Our own health depends on how clean and green our environment is. With responsible waste disposal and management, you can make a difference by preventing the pollution of the most essential, life-preserving gifts nature has to offer.

The Earth is our home. Help save our planet by getting your own Ecobin today. We provide a wide selection of organic, mixed, landfill, paper, compost, wheelie, and recycling bins for home, indoor, and outdoor waste management.