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  • 7L Black Food Waste Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin
    7L Black Food Waste Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin
    $12.95 + GST

    Food Waste Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin – Black – 7 Litre

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    With it's leak proof design to aid in the retention of moisture and the prevention of unwanted odours in the kitchen. This stylish yet compact 7lt Compost Caddy, together with our 7lt Compostable Bags makes the collection and transportation of organic waste and kitchen leftovers to your outdoor composter an absolute breeze. 22 cm x 17 cm x 21 cm high


    • Wide opening for easy access
    • Lid to retain moisture and avoid odours
    • Stylish design
    • Flat packed
    • Leak proof
    • Made entirely from recycled plastic
    • Liner trap to secure bag
    • 7lt Compostable Bags available – Made from vegetables and can be added to your compost bin
    $12.95 + GST
    $12.95 + GST
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    Food Waste Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin – 9L Black & Green
    Food Waste Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin – 9L Black & Green
    $16.95 + GST

    Food Waste Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin – Black & Green – 9 Litre

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    In addition to a 9lt capacity and replaceable carbon filter (to block any unwanted odours from escaping) the 9lt Compost Caddy boasts an ergonomic and practical design to help make the disposal of scraps from dishes and board cuttings an absolute breeze. 41 cm x 14 cm x 27 cm high For best results we recommend use in conjunction with our 9lt Compostable Bags (which break down within weeks of being added to the composter or council tip).


    • 9lt capacity
    • Slimline design to make emptying plates and board cuttings a breeze
    • Carbon filter in lid to prevent any unwanted odours escaping
    • Fits easily into small spaces
    • Compostable Bags available – Made from vegetables can be added to your compost bin
    $16.95 + GST
    $16.95 + GST
  • Organic Food Waste Garden Composter 300 litres snap together design
    Organic Food Waste Garden Composter 300 litres snap together design
    $89.00 + GST

    Organic Food Waste Garden Composter – 300 litre

    The Eco Master 300 is a tough and robust, stand-alone composter with dual hatches for easy collection of your compost. All you need to do is open the clip-on lid, throw in your organic waste and leave to mature. It’s that easy! As with all composters the more you aerate the organic waste the faster it decomposes, so an occasional mix with an aerator, pitch fork or shovel would certainly not go amiss. Luckily for you, in order to aid in this process the Eco Master 300 has also been designed with plenty of ventilation ports throughout. Easy to assemble and with an impressive 300lt capacity, your Eco Master is sure to provide you with plenty of nutrient rich compost to nourish all your garden plants.


    • 300lt capacity
    • Large one piece opening for easy disposal
    • Clip on lid
    • Easy and convenient assembly without tools
    • Hatch with handle for easy collection
    • Effective ventilation ports throughout
    • Space efficient
    $89.00 + GST
    $89.00 + GST
  • Maze Tumbler 1
    Maze Tumbler 1
    $199.00 + GST

    Organic Food Waste Garden Twin Composter – ROTO – 160 litre

    One of the fastest and most effective ways to make compost is by using a composter that allows for as much aeration as possible. This is best done with a tumbling composter which thoroughly mixes all the organic waste on a regular basis. What makes the ROTO composter so effective is that it overcomes the drawbacks of having to wait 2-3 months for compost to mature (as is the case with single tumblers). The unique two chamber design of the ROTO composter allows you to fill one chamber while the other is curing. The result is a continuous supply of valuable compost. Other features of the ROTO Composter include an impressive capacity of 140lt (70lt for each chamber), easy to use sliding door, compact design and adjustable air vents for increased air circulation.
    $199.00 + GST
    $199.00 + GST
  • green house
    green house
    $999.00 + GST

    Maze Polycarbonate Greenhouse – Silver – 6 x 8 ft

    The 6′ x 8′ greenhouse from Maze has been designed to give your plants, fruits, vegetables etc. safe and balanced exposure to the sun’s rays throughout the day. Each panel in the greenhouse has been manufactured from virtually unbreakable, crystal clear polycarbonate wall panels that have been UV protected to guard against the effects of the harsh Australian sun. Easy to assemble and maintain, the 6′ x 8′ greenhouse also boasts a galvanized steel base and strong aluminium frame (powder coated for increased protection).


    • Virtually unbreakable clear polycarbonate panels
    • 100% UV protected panels
    • Allows 90% light transmission
    • Strong, rust resistant aluminum frame
    • Hinged door can be assembled left or right side
    • Galvanized steel base included
    • Roof vent and gutters included
    • Accessories available
    • Compatible for use with Maze water tanks
    • Assembly instructions included
    • 5 year warranty
    $999.00 + GST
    $999.00 + GST