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27L Compostable Bin Liners | 132 Per Box

27L Compostable Bin Liners | 132 Per Box

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Certified compostable 27L bin liners from our friends at MyEco Bag, perfect for Organic waste at home, school or the office. Made from GMO free organic corn starch and other plant materials to toughen them up like Sorbitol & Glycerol, these liners are a great natural and renewable alternative to conventional plastic.

  • 22 bags per roll
  • 6 rolls per box
  • 132 liners total

Fit perfectly in our Organic Waste Caddies: Food Waste Kitchen Caddy


'- Non-toxic & worm friendly!
- FOGO/council green bin compatible & approved
- Made from renewable, plant based materials
- GMO free
- Made with less oil than other compostable liners
- Certified compostable for home and commercial use


Bag Dimensions: 63cm x 51cm, 19um Gauge


Green waste rubbish bags are handy and sometimes necessary things, but traditional bags are choking our waterways, killing our marine life and clogging up our landfill. Using these certified compostable liners instead means you can dispose of them directly in your compost or local green wheelie bin* (*check with your local council)

By switching from regular plastic bags to compostable liners, you can help reduce the effect of greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a zero-waste, circular economy!


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When you use your Ecobin, we want you to know you are making a difference with just a small action. We know change is scary, but in this case, it is so important and before you know it, proper waste separation will become second nature!