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Container Deposit Scheme

Container Deposit Scheme Poster - SA

Container Deposit Scheme Poster - SA

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For waste sorting to work, it's got to be simple. And we're all for simplicity! Pair your Ecobins with these matching posters, one for each waste stream and instantly users will have a quick ready reckoner to affirm they're throwing their waste in the right bin. Quick. Easy. Simple.


QR Code links to accepted container search engine for SA
Laminate finish ensures durability and long life


20 cm x 42 cm


The Container Deposit Scheme is a fantastic way to encourage more people to recycle - but which containers are accepted and which aren't??

Our do's and don'ts posters are here to help! Each CDS poster also has a handy little QR code in the corner for those extra pesky containers you really can't be sure about!


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When you use your Ecobin, we want you to know you are making a difference with just a small action. We know change is scary, but in this case, it is so important and before you know it, proper waste separation will become second nature!