Test About Ecobin

Discover the latest way to recycle. EcoBins are the new office recycling system that revolutionises your recycling habits.  EcoBin is an Australian owned company that began in 2008 and in just a few short years we have become the number one choice for recycling coloured bins for over 5,000 businesses and are only continuing to grow.

EcoBin supplies office and businesses with colour coded recycling bins to customers across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Customers choose our waste bins thanks to a proven track record in improving waste management. By investing in Eco Bins you are not only investing in the environment but also helping to reduce your costs and increase profits.

EcoBins have an attractive design that will brighten up any office and have already proven to be a hit with staff, taking the confusion out of recycling. Many Australians have the right intentions and wish to recycle but are just unaware of the correct procedures and end up doing more harm than good.

Using EcoBins system of colour coded waste bins, you are able to easily sort your waste and minimise contamination. EcoBins makes recycling fun and easy and allows everyone to become active members in helping the environment.  EcoBins are 100% Australian owned and made and are washable and recyclable.  They are designed to last the lifetime of your office.

EcoBins began as a desire to help the environment and our goal is to reduce landfill waste by up to 85% and we are well on our way to making this dream a reality.

Our Team


After the success of Planet earth, John decided to expand into recycling and developed EcoBins. With a certificate in sustainability advocacy from Swinburne University, John has been able to create a product that truly lessens the impact people have on the environment – something John is really passionate about.

Out of the office John burns off some of his high energy levels with water sports, cycling, running and skate boarding. And when not running after his kids and dogs he likes to tinker on the piano, watch movies and have dinner with friends.


Sam has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and is also a Computer Software Analyst/Programmer and Environmental Sustainability Advocate. He has been with EcoBins for 5 years now and believes it is the perfect fit for him as they share the same values. He has always been devoted to helping the environment and now he is able to achieve this both through his personal and professional life With whatever he does he tries to use as few resources as possible and be a conscious and discerning consumer.

Apart from helping the environment, Sam loves to spend time with his three boys, and enjoys a multitude of energetic hobbies such as racing motorbikes, inline skating, tennis, squash, snowboarding and walking his dogs. Wow.

ED – Operations Manager

Ed has a background in Engineering and computer science and before joining EcoBin has worked in the IT industry. This experience has allowed him to flourish as operations manager at EcoBins for the last four years.

Like his predecessor, Ed enjoys a variety of sports for relaxing, including, playing tennis and throwing a Frisbee. He also enjoys watching sport and is an avid fan of AFL footy, American NFL football & baseball.

At home, Ed prefers order to chaos but the same cannot be said for his desk where he takes a somewhat more relaxed view of mess.

MATT – Assistant to Operations

Matt was born in the UK and decided to come to Australia just over a year ago where he found a job at EcoBin as Assistant to operations and sales. This was a perfect fit as he holds an MA in Personnel and Development.

He has fully embraced the Australian lifestyle where on the weekends he can be found at the beach barbequing, playing soccer and bike riding. A well rounded individual, his other interests include table tennis, pool, chess and playing the guitar.

FRED – Sales

Fred is the newest member of the EcoBin team. He works alongside Sam dealing with sales and client services and they make the perfect team as they are both enthusiastic about protecting the earth. In his words ‘so many people put so much effort into their health through diet and exercise, why aren’t we all so concerned with the quality of air we breathe and the water we drink?’ Good point Fred.

He relaxes by exploring Melbourne on foot, playing soccer, reading and bargain shopping. Fred tries to be neat at home but doesn’t need a tidy space to be organised. He lives in a democratic household, equally sharing the cleaning with his partner.

JEFF – Administration

Jeff has been EcoBins administrator and book keeper since the start. Joining the company has inspired him to become more environmentally conscious and take a more active role in helping the environment.

He truly believes that EcoBins are an important product and that the company is making a difference as he always says “I now know how important our company is – it’s special –unlike any other cleaning company”.

Jeff is a self-confessed neat freak and maintains a clean desk at work as well as a clean home. He enjoys nothing more than spending time with the grandkids but sometimes this can be a bit stressful and so to relax he enjoys to potter and watch movies at home.